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Very easy to say goodbye to cellulıte wıth onda ın a sıngle sessıon!

The microwave is not only used to warm up food quickly, it prepares us quickly for summer!

Dr. Nüket Eroğlu said that with the arrival of summer the season for mini skirts and shorts has started, socks have come off and  women are panicking because of cellulite which can be treated with microwaves in a single session for fabulous results.

Dr. Nüket Eroğlu indicated that especially in the summer period, ceremonies such as engagements, weddings did not only stress the bride and groom but the guests as well and that a single session with ONDA was enough to achieve a perfect outlook. Dr. Nüket Eroğlu said that a single session of ONDA reduced the girth of the waist significantly to form an hourglass figure and a flat belly.

Getting rid of cellulite, every woman’s nightmare and getting ready for the summer is now very fast, practical and permanent with ONDA!

Immediate visible results can be achieved with a single session of medical microwaves.

Microwave energy, which is used in many fields in medicine, was first used with ONDA for aesthetic purposes. ONDA is the first radiofrequency device using microwave. ONDA has 1000 times the effect of radiofrequency devices used so far in cellulite and slimming.


The three main effects of ONDA are:

  1. Regional slimming
  2. Cellulite treatment
  3. Skin tightening


Dr. Nüket Eroğlu is excited at the prospect of being introduced to ONDA, the latest invention of DEKA which is the manufacturer of many aesthetic devices that steer the medical industry. She says that ONDA is the newest technology in non-surgical body contouring.

Dr. Nüket Eroğlu says that a single session with ONDA will loose up to 7-12 cm in love handles of waist-belly fat, especially in men.

ONDA is the only system in the world that uses special microwaves to selectively target fat cells and shrink them safely and without surgery. It is FDA approved.

ONDA does not cause pain and suffering on contact with skin thanks to its special patented nozzles while the cooling unit gives the patient a feeling of massage.

In ONDA Cold Wave Therapy, the target region reaches a temperature of 50-55C in just 1-2 minutes, thus the fat cell membrane structures are disrupted, lipolysis occurs and fat cells are released from the fat cells and shrink.

With ONDA, regional fat tissue decreases, cellulite disappears, loose tissue tightens and skin quality improves.



  • Ache and pain free
  • It is a single session application.
  • Session time is very short (10 min).
  • Does not cause redness, edema and skin irritation.
  • The result is fast and impressive.
  • There are no known side effects.
  • Does not interrupt daily life.

In Cold Wave Therapy, the high-frequency (Microwave) specific fat cell at the gigahertz rate does not disappear on the skin surface when descending into deep fat tissues. ONDA Coolwaves uses short electromagnetic waves, microwaves. In ONDA Cold Wave Therapy, instant heat increase occurs as a result of the high speed vibration of microwaves in fat cells. The frequency of microwaves is 1000 times faster than that of bipolar radiofrequency devices and is measured in gigahertz (Ghz). Therefore, the session duration is only 10 minutes and is very effective.


ONDA reduces regional fat tissue while increasing the elasticity of fibrous bands and shrink clustered fat cells that form the appearance of an orange peel. With ONDA, cellulite disappears and tissue tightens. ONDA rejuvenatesand moistens the skin making it more radiant. ONDA also improves skin quality by stimulating lymphatic circulation.In regional slimming, ONDAcauses fat cells to vibrate more with high-speed radiofrequency and ‘fat cells sweat’ which causes the fat inside to discharge into the lymphatic system and the fat is discharged into the lymphatic system with the help of macrophages.


In the treatment of cellulite with ONDA, the system targets adipocellular connective septa. ONDA provides immediate shrinkage of collagen fibers in the dermis and initiates new collagen formation. ONDA is suitable for all types of cellulite between 1 and 4 degrees.

Dr. Nüket Eroğlu says that ONDA Cold wave therapy is a one-session application, a pain and ache free method, and recommends it to individuals who want to achieve results with a single session and are hesitant in undergoing surgery.

Electrical conductivity: It is the state where the given energy can be transmitted to the lower levels without being absorbed as it passes.

ONDA proceeds from the upper layers of the skin as if it were transparent with strong and fast microwaves, and does not suffer loss on the way through these layers. Fat cells do not transmit energy to the lower levels after they counter microwave energy, they trap it.

Since the previous bipolar radiofrequency devices operate at slow frequencies that can be measured in megahertz (Mhz), the skin loses a significant amount of energy in the upper layers. The old radiofrequency devices have an average loss of 60-75 minutes due to the loss of energy as they descent from the upper layers of the skin, and the effects are quite low although the number of sessions is high. Contrary to previous radiofrequency devices, the chromophore or target of ONDA are fat cells instead of water. ONDA reaches the fat tissue with only 20% loss due to the dry and fat-free structure of the epidermiswith microwaves. In ONDA, this 20% dispersion on the skin surface destroys cellulite.

ONDA does not generate heat on the surface of the skin. Therefore, there are no risks such as burns and so on.

ONDA has two patented nozzles designed specifically for localized fat and cellulite, which cool on contact. As these nozzles reach different depths, the device automatically recommends the nozzle for treatment purposes.


Deep nozzle                  Surface nozzle



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