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Dispute Resolution Lawyers and Employment Law Aviation

Dispute Resolution Lawyers and Employment Law Aviation


Apart from lawsuits related to the application of labor law in the field of aviation, our law firm also provides consultancy services. The Dispute Resolution Lawyers focused bureau’s consulting services include:

* Consultancy in military defense industry and aviation law,

* Application of ground and air safety law and criminal proceedings,

* Identification and inspection of the areas on the airway, which company shall be entitled to sovereignty,

* Acquisition and protection of rights related to ownership and pledge rights of airships,

* Supervision of the responsibilities of operators in air ships,

* Arrangement and inspection of the insurances of air carriers and air transportation companies,

* Legal advice on criminal and legal aspects of air transportation accidents,

* Consultancy services to companies engaged in air transportation in the field of international law.

Any dispute that may be settled is settled jointly with the employment law aviation of the parties without bringing the court expenses but without incurring the expenses of the court.

This will save both time and expenses. The most important point of the dispute is to provide immediate solution to what is the subject of our main goal. One of the services of Kartal Law Firm is the dispute resolution lawyers service.


 How to resolve the conflict

The parties that apply to us are consulted with our expert lawyers for the subject of the dispute, then the matter is first consulted and then all the justified reasons are in favor of our client. The purpose of our lawyers is to bring the parties to a common denominator and to ensure that the dispute is resolved as quickly as possible.


 What are Conflict Issues?


The reasons for the dispute may cover all matters except life issues such as heavy penalties and qualitative offenses. Our company has an expert lawyer staff in every subject. Dispute resolution dealing with the issue causing the dispute employment law aviation After discussing with our clients the content of the precedent cases and the reasoned decisions of the precedent cases that have been published in the literature, if the issue has been moved to a higher court; Our lawyers examine the decisions of the Supreme Court to the finest detail and prepare the necessary reports. It is very important that our lawyers work in full independence and impartiality. Our mission is to ensure justice.


 Unpaid Aircraft


Individual or corporate aircraft may be rented within the limits of civil aviation requirements. A service contract is concluded between the leasing company and the individuals or corporate companies wishing to rent, and lease payments begin, but when there is a disruption in the lease payments, a dispute related to employment law aviation, namely the Repossess aircraft, arises.


Taking back the aircraft in the lease Our company’s lawyers who dominate this issue accompanied by the resolution of the dispute and the rental of the aircraft in the lease back to the meticulous work on the solution to the common denominator. Here the dispute is resolved but our clients will always reserve the right to court.


 Commercial Disputes


dispute resolution lawyers. Nowadays, business life is advancing very fast with technology. Consequently, trade disputes are also high in the market. Since the facts such as money and interest in trade compete over time, it will be in favor of the parties to be resolved as soon as possible. In this sense, thanks to our expert lawyers in the collection of data at hand and the detection of points that are overlooked by the parties to detect the law again again with the expert staff of Kartal Law Firm will be solved immediately.


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